24-month Parmigiano Reggiano fondue – Caseificio Bio Reggiani

Portion 2/3 people


Parmesan cheese 24 months 150 gr.

Fresh cream 250 ml

White pepper to taste

Nutmeg to taste

The 24-month Parmesan cheese fondue is a simple but fantastic dish. Great for adding that extra touch of flavour and creativity to your meals. We chose the 24-month maturation because it is the most suitable for creating a fondue (balanced in both flavour and texture).

As for the fresh cream, you can choose whether to use animal or vegetable cream. In the first case you will have a fuller fondue, in the second a lighter and more delicate one.


Start by placing a small saucepan on the stove to heat. Once a good temperature is reached, lower the heat, add the cream and gradually the grated Parmesan cheese. We continue cooking for about 2 minutes without stopping stirring.

Halfway through cooking we add a sprinkling of nutmeg and white pepper to taste. We serve it hot in case we want to obtain the effect of a classic fondue, to season croutons, meat, omelettes or polenta. In this case the consistency will be that of a thick batter.

In the case where we want to obtain the effect of a room-temperature or cold ‘spread’ (perhaps more suitable for summer), let it cool outside the fridge and then put it in the fridge once it has reached temperature. In this case it will be excellent for topping sandwiches, bruschettas or for flavouring aperitif snacks. Enjoy your meal!

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