Broccoli gratin with 24-month Parmigiano Reggiano

Portion 2/3 persons

Broccoli 500 g
Parmesan cheese 24 months 50 g
Béchamel 250 ml
Breadcrumbs to taste
Salt to taste

Broccoli gratin with 24-month Parmesan cheese is a simple but delicious recipe with guaranteed success. We at the Caseificio Bio Reggiani, being true Emilians and not exactly known for preferring a ‘light’ cuisine, have decided to propose the version with béchamel and breadcrumbs, just so we don’t miss anything!
For the more line-conscious however, the version without béchamel is accepted and absolutely not disappointing, you just need to abound a little more with grated organic Parmesan cheese. We, of course, always and only recommend organic.

After washing the broccoli heads and separating them from the too-long stems, steam (better) or boil them for about 20 minutes. Once drained, wet a baking tray well with the béchamel sauce and place the broccoli on top, then wet the broccoli again and add and a pinch of salt on top.

Bake for about 20 minutes at 200 degrees with the oven already hot. Then take the baking tray out and sprinkle the broccoli with plenty of 24-month Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs, trying to create a more or less even layer.

Bake again for a few minutes with the grill on. Bake with the grill on at about 200 degrees for a few minutes, until you notice the Parmigiano Reggiano melt, forming a more or less even crust, embellished in crunchiness by the breadcrumbs. Now everything is ready, all you have to do is enjoy 🙂 Enjoy!

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