Organic Caciotta seasoned with thyme


Matured Caciotta – Thyme

Maturing: 30 days
Weight and packaging: 600 g vacuum-packed
Paste: Compact
Taste: Decisive, aromatic
Uses: In the kitchen as a characterful ingredient in your recipes or as a table cheese  

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Pasteurised milk, organic salt, rennet, thyme and ferments

Storage modes

Store at a temperature between 4°C and 5.5°C

Nutritional values per 100g

energy: 997 kj / 240 kcal
fat: 17 g of
which saturated fatty acids: 12 g
carbohydrates: 3.4 g
of which sugars: <0.5 g fibre: 3 g protein: 18 g salt: 0.79 g


Contains Lactose

Organic Caciotta seasoned with thyme – 0.6 Kg – Online Sale

Matured organic Caciotta is made from the semi-fat paste of our Organic Parmigiano.

Maturation makes the flavour more intense and the texture less elastic, all accompanied by a pleasant thyme aroma. Excellent for tastings, aperitifs or as a second course.

Weight 0.6 kg


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