Chestnut passatelli, spinach, 48-month Parmigiano cream and crispy leek

Serves 2 people
Ingredients for the passatelli:

100 gr chestnut flour

100 gr breadcrumbs

100 gr Parmesan cheese

3 eggs

for the dressing:

a handful of fresh spinach

200 gr cream 48 months organic Parmesan cheese

250 g rice flour

salt, leek, sunflower oil


We start by kneading the ingredients for the passatelli to obtain a homogeneous dough, let it rest outside the fridge covered with plastic wrap.

We prepare a parmesan cream by blending the grated parmesan cheese with the cream heated to 65 degrees.

We whip the spinach, cut the leeks into very thin strips (dry them well with kitchen paper), then dip them in rice flour and fry them in sunflower oil at 105 degrees until crispy.

Mash 120 g of the mixture with a potato masher and pour it into boiling salted water, after about twenty seconds off the heat with a pasta tosser add the Parmesan cream and spinach to the passatello.

We serve and finish with the salted crunchy leek. Enjoy!

We would like to thank Chef Noel Lapedota of the ‘Vetro’ Restaurant (at the Giardini Margherita Greenhouses) for his recipe!

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